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Moving can be a difficult task without the helping hand of Title Resource Group (TRG) Relocation Division. We know the importance of your move & want to assure that the real estate closing & title process happen effortlessly. We have a special collection of companies in the TRG family in addition to a top notch vendor network to ensure that your transaction is truly remarkable from A to Z. 

The Regional Closing Offices are a group of companies that are selected for their professionalism in the area in which they service. They are located throughout the country and are assigned a region of specific states based on their location. The assignment of specific regions allows the Regional Closing Offices to be experts in the locations that they cover, and you will receive the highest standard of customer service during your process. 

The responsibilities of the Regional Closing Office include the processing of Title and Deed services, gathering of financial information to facilitate your equity calculation (your financial interest in the home), and coordination of the sale of your property to a new buyer. The Regional Closing Office will act as your central point of contact for any questions that you may have regarding the sale of your home.

In the event you are purchasing a home in the territory one of the Regional Closing Offices, we can assist you in locating a local closing agent to facilitate the closing of your new purchase. Use the listings below to locate the appropriate Regional Closing Office for the location of your home that you are transferring from or moving to. 

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